All of our firearms training programs are customized to meet client needs and range from 1 - 3 days on average. Our intense firearms programs are designed for patrol / tactical deployment and others are designed for plain clothes / undercover and off-duty deployment, or a combination of both. Our MCOLES approved training programs are available to sworn law enforcement officers and military personnel only.  The training days will consist of non-static live fire, developed for the student who possesses basic knowledge of the M4/AR-15 platform.  Students must be proficient in the safe handling of rifles/handguns due to the fast pace of the program.

Students are expected to arrive at the training site with a pre-zeroed rifle, time for confirming zero's will be limited. Red-dot optics are highly recommended.

Instruction set will strengthen the ability to efficiently deploy and operate the carbine.  Fundamentals of shooting and body mechanics will be discussed as well as tactics, techniques and procedures to increase accuracy and speed. Emphasis will be placed on saved mag/tactical and combat reloads, malfunction clearing, use of cover, ambidextrous deployment and weapon transitions. Weapon and gear set-up will be discussed to optimize efficiency.


Required Equipment:

  • M4/AR-15 carbine with a red dot sight and sling (2-point sling preferred)

  • Semi-automatic duty/tactical handgun

  • 600 rounds of quality carbine ammunition per day of training

  • 150 rounds of quality handgun ammunition per day of training

  • 5 carbine magazines (minimum)

  • 3 handgun magazines

  • Duty / tactical belt with holster, carbine magazine pouch and two handgun magazine pouches

  • Plate carrier / tactical vest with three magazine pouches 

  • Clear & tinted ballistic wrap around eye protection 

  • Hearing protection – electronic preferred 

  • Tourniquet / I-FAK

  • Ball cap 

  • Handheld flashlight with spare batteries

  • Spare optic batteries 

  • Multi-tool

  • Fatigue / tactical uniform 

  • Athletic footwear / boots

  • Weapon lubrication / cleaning supplies

  • Sunscreen / bug repellent / clothing suited for the environment 

  • Notetaking materials

  • Water / Snacks / Lunch