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We offer situational awareness and threat detection training to our Law Enforcement, Military, and corporate security clients. The information provided on the flyer below is a brief description of our combined CICM™ with Threat Detection Through Enhanced Situational Awareness course. These courses can be combined or stand alone. The information provided in the Threat Detection/Situational Awareness program is designed to increase your skills in identifying dangerous situations through deviant/criminal behaviors. This is ideal for the professional to keep themselves, partners, civilians, and families as safe as possible. The program is also designed to enhance the observation skills of the Law Enforcement officer to identify criminal behaviors, narcotic trafficking, etc. For street cops and narcotics officers, this training will enhance your abilities in identifying criminal behaviors and armed subjects as well as those concealing contraband during field contacts. Some of our clients that have been trained in these basic skills have had alarming success rates of intercepting kilos of contraband and concealed weapons on countless offenders. 




This intense, MCOLES approved training program is designed to increase the officers' abilities to survive a critical incident. Emphasis will be placed on both tactical and concealed handgun deployment to increase the officers speed, accuracy, safety, and confidence with your handgun and integrate lifesaving medical skills into your training.  A classroom session will discuss situational awareness and counter ambush techniques along with other key concepts to enhance officer safety and wellness. The highlights of our Critical Incident Casualty Management™ will be implemented as well as basic injured shooter techniques. This program will be physically intensive and designed to increase your ability to win deadly force encounters.  This course will be completed utilizing both duty/tactical gear as well as concealed (off duty, plain clothes officers' response). 

This course is customizable to meet client needs. Most courses are two days in length with the option to add additional days for tactical carbine/patrol rifle deployment. 

Note: simulated blood will be utilized that may stain clothing and skin, dress accordingly. 

Required Equipment:

  • Semi-automatic duty weapon, minimum of four magazines

  • Patrol rifle / carbine (for added carbine program)

  • Weapon mounted lights

  • 650 Rounds (minimum) of quality ammunition per day / weapon platform / student

  • Duty / Tactical belt with holster and a minimum of two magazine pouches

  • Concealment holster (Serpa holsters highly discouraged)

  • Concealment magazine holster

  • Ballistic eye protection

  • Hearing protection – electronic preferred

  • Tourniquet / I-FAK

  • Bullet resistant vest / plate carrier / tactical entry vest

  • Ball cap

  • Pocket sized flashlight/fresh batteries

  • Fatigue pants or athletic type slacks

  •  Athletic footwear / boots

  • Weapon lubrication / cleaning supplies

  • Sunscreen / bug repellent / clothing suited for the environment

  • Note-taking materials

  • Water / Snacks / Lunch