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STORM Training & Consulting had partnered with some of the best in the industry for special operations canine training and canine medicine.  


Joey Millbocker, owner of Marauder Canine has over ten years of direct action United States Military Special Operations experience.  He has trained and operated around the world with military working dogs and has trained military and police units throughout the United States.  His experience and ability to train dogs and their handlers is second to none.  There is a link to Marauder Canine on our fiends page.  Contact him to bring your canine teams to a level never imagined.  

Lee Palmer; DVM, MS, DACVECC, NRP, EMT-T, WEMT, CCRP, TP-C (LTC, 20SFG, ALARNG) is a United States Military Veterinarian and Paramedic with extensive experience treating military working dogs and law enforcement canine's.  Lee is the the lead of the Canine Tactical Emergency Casualty Care Working Group.  His ability to teach handler skills to save their canines lives is second to none.

STORM Training  & Consulting had the ability to provide canine  medical support course and canine seminars while working with our partners.  We are currently developing a firearms program specific to canine handlers duties to better prepare them for the harsh environments they operate.  Future programs include a multi faceted canine seminar to include; canine medicine (TECC), firearms techniques and multiple canine techniques to include drive promotion, capping, assaulter neutralization, apprehension and more.  

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