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STORM Training & Consulting, LLC focuses on improving operational preparedness and casualty management for the law enforcement officer.  We are proud and grateful to serve law enforcement agencies and corporate clients. Our goal is to prepare you for the evolving hostile environments law enforcement faces every day. 

Training to prevent, prepare for and dominate the critical incident is at the heart of our customized programs. Integration of basic skills, weapons manipulation and casualty care has made our Critical Incident Casualty Management™ program a paramount addition to your training, which has saved numerous lives.

Although our programs are primarily law enforcement based, we also provide training to our warfighters, public safety personnel, executive protection and corporate security entities, nuclear force protection personnel, private and church security personnel, schools, and the qualified citizen.  Our programs are customized to meet each client’s specific training needs.  We have taught in venues ranging from on-site agency presentations to large national conferences to multi-day live fire training evolutions, to single day events.  

In addition to training, we provide consultation services pertaining to gear/equipment selection, training recommendations, medical threat assessments and tactical medical team design and implementation. 





The insignia's armored circle represents 360-degree situational awareness. The insignias armored triangle represents the strength of the three organizations we serve (Law Enforcement, Military & Private Sector). The bolts of lightning represent "weathering the storm" (being well prepared for troublesome events). The red dot signifies accuracy and professionalism. 

Our slogan is "Violence Destroys Evil." In our professions, handling situations with little or no force is ideal. When someone commits to evil acts and is actively killing innocent persons, controlled violence is what is needed to stop the threat and destroy the evil.

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