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The Tactical Rescue Challenge was created in 2018 as a means to integrate critical medical skills and tactics needed to perform rescue operations effectively in small team elements. The ability to perform a hasty rescue when time is of the essence and additional resources are not available is a skill first responders must have in their arsenal.  The small team elements must also be able to maintain situational awareness and are required to provide their own fire support to complete the rescues/mission.


The Tactical Rescue Challenge has consisted of two, three and four man teams over the years. Teams compete to become the Tactical Rescue Challenge Champion.  Competitors are expected to be a mix of military units, local/state/federal law enforcement and military Special Operations.  Some units will integrate dedicated TEMS providers and fire department RTF personnel.  All competitors are required to safely handle and operate firearms in highly dynamic environments, and perform medical skills based on TCCC & TECC standards in the course of the rescue operations.  The Tactical Rescue Challenge combines skill evaluation into scenario based competition created to provide high intensity, realistic training opportunities.  The competition is sponsored and supported by leaders in the industry and made possible by a great team of volunteers.  This is a competition/training event designed to bring our law enforcement, TEMS and military community together while honing the needed skills.  

Proceeds benefit first responders and military personnel in need through Our Heroes Fund.

QUESTIONS & INFORMATION Contact Ben Sonstrom, 860-748-0851    

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