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"The Tactical Rescue Challenge incorporated gun-handling, marksmanship, functional physical fitness, teamwork, and foundational medical skills. It was a realistic test of your current skills and also a great training event that exposed your weaknesses."   Senior NCO, 75th Ranger Regiment

"I highly recommend this training for ANY security professional, first responder or medical professional.  Storm Training provides the necessary step-by-step and hands on training that encompasses every aspect of immediate critical care.  This training is designed to save lives!"   Regional Security Director, Fortune 100 Company

"There is standard medical training that we all know and have been taught over the years. This is great for your basic or introduction training. STORM Training offers the CICM program that is like nothing I have done before. This training incorporates real world scenarios with training aids that will get you as close to a real event as possible. This is not for the faint hearted or someone that thinks they will just skate by. This is a very demanding and physical course that teaches great tactics and medicine. This is a must for any law enforcement officer or SWAT officer in today's climate."   Retired SWAT Team Leader

"Storm Training, Wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great instruction at your concealed carry class. It was very clear to us that you are thoroughly knowledgeable and possess an instructor level skill set on this topic. It was obvious you spent the time to put together a comprehensive and orderly instruction set, relying on the basics crawl, walk, run. Your enthusiasm is unparalleled and the students walked away with an improvement in that skill set."

Federal Law Enforcement Agent

"I have been training with Ben for nearly 20 years and have participated in the Tactical Rescue Challenge every year since it's inception. Ben combines his energy, intensity, and creativity to provide outstanding training. The training is realistic, repeatable, focused on the fundamentals, and creates stress. Everything required when training for an austere environment. Ben has the experience and expertise to provide training to many different practitioners. Tactical law enforcement, patrol officers, military, and EMS will all benefit from one of his courses. The Tactical Rescue Challenge is always a great time and an opportunity to work with professionals from around the country. "   Team Commander, Regional Special Weapons and Tactics Team

"I am writing this in support of the Tactical Rescue Challenge. I have participated in this challenge for the past two years and am looking forward to competing again in August. I have been an EMT for sixteen years, a Police Officer for eleven, and a K-9 handler for the past eight. This competition is a must for anyone that wants to test their skills as a shooter, a medical practitioner and as an operator. I have participated in many tactical medical courses and events over my 16 years in public safety and this is THE most well-run event I have participated in. Ben and his cadre are consummate professionals and the day is well organized and incredibly educational. The missions are taxing but realistic and purpose-driven. This event is one that my team looks forward to participating in every year and will continue to for many years! If you are looking to test your skills and push your limits as an operator; this is the event to sign up for."  Conor Hogan, Bristol Police Department, Central Region Emergency Response Team


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