Our handgun deployment programs are customized to meed client needs and range from 1 - 3 days on average. All programs are MCOLES approved and available to sworn law enforcement officers and military personnel. Our intense firearms programs are designed for patrol / tactical deployment and others are designed for plain clothes / undercover and off-duty deployment, or a combination of both. 

All handgun programs stress increased speed and accuracy, safety and confidence. 


Handgun Deployment courses provide an enhanced training experience. Instruction set will strengthen the ability to carry, accurately deploy and safely re-holster a semi-automatic handgun from/to concealment as well as duty holsters. Emphasis is based on safety, equipment selection, concealment techniques and weapon presentation from different types of clothing and holsters. Teaching points include situational awareness, developing a combat mindset, effective decision making, weapon manipulation, improving shooting accuracy and speed, recoil management, one hand shooting techniques, injured shooter considerations, efficient movement and developing safe/effective combat handgun deployment techniques while in uniform or plain clothes. Also covered in the concealed handgun program is plain clothes response to active killer situations and identifying yourself as a police officer. 


All students must be confident in the safe handling of firearms and basic handgun techniques as this is a high pace program. Participants will conduct live fire drills in varying lighting conditions, as well as reality-based scenario training that is physically and mentally challenging. Inside the waistband holsters must have a non-collapsible opening. Blackhawk SERPA holsters and similar trigger finger actuated holsters are strongly discouraged.


Required Equipment:

  • Semi-automatic duty/concealable weapon, 10 round minimum capacity, minimum of four magazines

  • Weapon mounted light 

  • 650 Rounds (minimum) of quality ammunition per day/student

  • Duty / Tactical belt with holster and a minimum of two magazine pouches

  • Inside/outside waistband holster with hold open feature (suitable for concealment) Sturdy pants belt

  • Concealable magazine carrier with hold open feature (Kydex type preferred)

  • T-Shirt, Polo type shirt, button up shirt, hooded sweatshirt & shell type zippered jacket

  • Clear & tinted ballistic wrap around eye protection

  • Hearing protection – electronic preferred

  • Tourniquet / I-FAK

  • Bullet resistant vest / plate carrier / tactical entry vest

  • Ball cap

  • Pocket sized flashlight/fresh batteries

  • Fatigue pants or slacks (slacks preferred for 2nd day – concealed portion) Athletic footwear / boots

  • Weapon lubrication / cleaning supplies

  • Sunscreen / bug repellent / clothing suited for the environment

  • Note-taking materials

  • Water / Snacks / Lunch